Multinational packaging giant Amcor has revealed its plans to scale down its operations in Russia in response to the country’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

The company will reduce its activities in Russia and focus its manufacturing operations on supporting only its existing multinational customers. It will also be suspending new projects and investments in Russia and stop exports from the country “as early as possible”.

“As the war and humanitarian crisis from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, it is important that we remain connected and well informed as a team,” said Ron Delia, company CEO.

Ron Delia, Amcor CEO, is deeply concerned.
Ron Delia, Amcor CEO, is deeply concerned.

“We are deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and are actively contributing to the relief efforts. We join the urgent call for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. 

“Amcor is committing at least US$1 million for direct support to our team in Kharkiv and their families, as well as general humanitarian aid, in partnership with the International Red Cross, including a matching contributions program open to all Amcor colleagues around the world.” 

Amcor has had a presence in Russia for over 20 years, currently operating three factories in the country, all of which generates 2-3 per cent of the company’s total sales.

It also recently closed its site in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in order to protect its local team just before the armed conflict began.

The company will continue to explore all strategic options for the business while the situation in the region develops.

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