SMC Corporation ANZ has partnered with Outsource Institute (AUS) to develop a blended learning initiative for SMC’s customers.

SMC head of field sales William Lebihan said this blended service offers flexibility and highlights in more practical terms what SMC’s international training division can offer its customers.

SMC head of field sales William Lebihan
SMC head of field sales William Lebihan

“Learners [customers] who attend SMC’s training courses are no longer required to leave their place of work for five consecutive days. Thanks to this new offering, theory can be done from the comfort of their homes or offices while a day and a half is allocated to the practical component of the course,” Lebihan said.

“In addition to the eLearning component, learners will have access to a wealth of free materials such as product animations and other downloads.”

Lebihan said virtual training – particularly in the industry 4.0 space – will showcase the realm of infinite possibilities that now exist for its customers.

“Learners will soon be able to access a factory of the future training system and interact directly via a virtual connection,” he said.

Outsource Institute is a registered training organisation based in Queensland. The company has been in operation for more than two decades and specialises in the training and assessment of nationally accredited and non-accredited business and engineering programmes ranging from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma.

Outsource Institute managing director, Australasian expansion Stephen Love said: “Our customised engineering advanced trade qualifications are aimed at upskilling workforces and individuals to enable them to be formally recognised within their chosen industry, nationally or globally.”

Love said SMC and Outsource Institute first collaborated in 2017 in Queensland to deliver P1 and P2 Pneumatics Courses to its valued customers and partners. Following the success of the program, this agreement was later extended to all regions within Australia.

“Due to Covid-19 restrictions and various state lockdown measures, our innovative blended approach allows students to complete the theory portion of SMC’s P1 and P2 courses virtually and to be class ready once restrictions are lifted to complete the practical aspect of the course,” Love said.

Outsource institute managing director, Australasian expansion Stephen Love
Outsource Institute managing director, Australasian expansion Stephen Love

Courses and qualifications on offer

SMC’s P1 & P2 Pneumatics Training Courses are aligned to the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). Outsource Institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and provides training and assessment in the units of competency MEM18018 (P1) & MEM18019 (P2) which form part of the Certificate IV in Engineering.

SMC Pneumatic Automation P1

MEM18018 Maintain Pneumatic System Components, students attending the course will learn:

  • pneumatic systems applications and characteristics;
  • pneumatic automation systems components and layout;
  • compressed air theory and application;
  • types, construction, and principles of operation of compressed air productions purifications and distribution equipment;
  • types, construction, and principles of operation of actuators;
  • types, construction, and operation of ancillary pneumatic equipment;
  • symbols according to ISO 1219/5599 and JIS; and
  • Interpretation and design of control circuitry.

Logical fault-finding exercises

SMC Pneumatic Automation P2

Maintain and Repair Pneumatics Systems P2 – MEM18019 Maintain Pneumatic Systems, students attending the course will learn:

  • pneumatic systems preventative maintenance and services;
  • automation systems breakdown analysis and root cause;
  • pneumatic automation systems commissioning;
  • interpretation and design of advanced pneumatic control circuitry; and
  • logical fault-finding exercises.

Love said these courses would be best suited to people looking to enhance or advance their skills and knowledge within the pneumatic field of engineering, or people who are planning to go on to complete the full Certificate IV in Engineering.

“Upon successful completion, students can either be awarded a National Recognised Statement of Attainment for one of both units’ competencies,” Love said.

“Alternatively, they can continue to work towards completing the Certificate IV in Engineering.”

Specific pre-requisites are required for accreditation, otherwise a statement of attendance will be provided on successful completion of course. Details of pre-requisites are available here.

Lebihan said learners can start undertaking in these courses from early August and SMC looks forward to its continued partnership with Outsource Institute.

“We believe that this offering will be of great value to our customers and we look forward to helping them navigate the new normal,” Lebihan said.

Interested students can find out more about the course by clicking here or contacting or 1300 136 904.

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