UK start-up Biovate Hygienics is launching what it claims is one of the world’s first plastic free paper-based bottles for commercial cleaning products, which it says is both fully recyclable and compostable.

The Zero Compromise range of all-natural cleaning products are to be sold in bottles which feature a bio liner on the inside which is made from "natural pure plant sap latex" to prevent contact with the liquid cleaning products. The outer case is infused with natural seaweed extract, which the company says adds water resistance and helps break down the paper fibres quicker if composted. The new range is set to be unveiled at the Cleaning Show, held in London in mid-March.

The UK-based company is a start-up that was co-founded last year by Nick Winstone, who calls himself an ‘environmental entrepreneur’. The company says it has a mission to drive sustainable change in all markets that use cleaning products and has seen over £2 million ($A3.5 million) in sales already.

Winstone said, “Our plastic-free bottle is made in the UK using sustainably sourced vegetable waste fibre paper pulp. This makes the bottle not only plastic free, but it’s also created using materials that would otherwise be discarded. This sustainable sourcing also means that no trees were cut down in the production of our new bottles, helping to reduce waste and decrease our carbon footprint.”

He explained that paper is both more easily recycled than plastic, and also breaks down naturally when composted, without leaving behind any harmful residue like micro plastics. He also claimed that while plastic can generally only be recycled up to six times, this plant-based paper bottle can be recycled indefinitely. 

“With 91 per cent of UK waste plastic not currently recycled but over 75 per cent of paper waste recycled effectively, this is ground-breaking,” Winstone said   

The company says that the bottle has been designed to be recyclable or compostable, while its screw neck and cap are made of Moso Bamboo that "breaks down easily" and can also be recycled. It explains that the paper can be easily pulped in most recycling centres and that the natural coating comes away to be used within the organic waste stream for composting back to nature.

Ed's note: This is a UK-based innovation, not available in Australia.

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