Pringles is kicking off 2021 by doing something it hasn’t done in 20 years: update its can with a fresh, new look featuring bold hues and a cleaner design.

The iconic Mr.P has been given a revamp, most noticeably, he is now bald. His iconic moustache and bowtie are also now sleeker and more dynamic. 

According to Pringles, without the hair, “Aussies can notice Mr. P’s other attributes – like his sparkling eyes and expressive eyebrows.

To celebrate Mr. P’s new look, the company has released some fun facts about the iconic character, including:

  • Mr. P’s real name is Julius Pringle and he got his start in New York.
  • The shape of the packaging and chip is a “work of engineering genius” and the manufacturing process is top secret.
  • Pringles has spent the last two years experimenting and perfecting Mr. P’s style to create the new look.

The new Pringles look will start making its way across supermarket and convenience shelves from this month.

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