Global flexible packaging and lidding films supplier KM Packaging has expanded its product range with the addition of pre-made, stand-up shaped pouches, which are now available in the Australian market.

Sophisticated technology is used to make, shape and cut the pouches and KM Packaging says its print management procedures ensure customers are provided with a high-quality, eye-catching product.

“The typical process is to reverse print the heat resistant outer film in roto-gravure and then to laminate a sealant layer of film, leaving the film protected in the sandwich layer between the two films,” Natalya Baker, marketing manager, KM Packaging, tells PKN.

“The final stage is cutting, shaping and sealing the film to produce a pre-made pouch with a front and back panel and an opening hole for product filling.”

“The pouches for confectionery and other foods enhance our product range, and our team’s expertise makes certain that customers gain a cost-efficient solution – from sourcing to shipping,” says Graham Holding, commercial director at KM Packaging.

The pouches can have a matte or gloss finish and clear windows, and they are available in a traditional PET/PE structure, a mono-polymer structure, or using compostable materials. 

The pre-made stand-up shaped pouches are now available in the Australian market. Those interested should contact KM Packaging and speak to the technical and graphics teams for guidance.

The key features of the pouches, which are suitable for dried snacks and pet treats, as well as confectionery, include:

  •       Pre-made, shaped and printed with heat sealable opening;
  •       Clear windows so the product can be seen by consumers or solid white finish;
  •       Gusseted at the bottom, allowing the pouch to stand upright on retail display;
  •       High-quality roto-gravure print;
  •       Available with zip-lock reclosure;
  •       Can be supplied in mono-polymer structures for better recyclability and using compostable materials;
  •       Strong shelf appeal;
  •       Ideal for seasonal sales; and
  •       Excellent packaging for gifts.

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