Nonna Tonda’s fresh pasta delivery service will now be using C-Bag compostable bags from global flexible packaging and lidding films supplier KM Packaging.

Nonna Tonda had sought a packaging solution for its fresh pasta, and required a flexible pack that would retain the freshness of the pasta and fit into their mailing boxes. The company also wanted an alternative to traditional plastic, and were keen to improve branding on the bag.

The solution Nonna Tonda found was the C-Bag, a printed industrially-compostable zipper bag from KM’s C-Range, which has been developed in partnership with Treetop Biopak. 

The C-Range of compostable bioplastic packaging has similar properties, and looks and feels as conventional plastic. It also includes shrink wrap, stretch wrap, cling wrap, adhesive tape and nets.

The products will biodegrade if disposed of properly through home composting or industrial composting, depending on the material.

As part of its selection process, the bags were initially tested at Nonna Tonda and proved perfectly-suited to the production and supply chain requirements.

The bags protect and preserve the product delivered by post and present an effective print design for the brand. 

When Nonna Tonda was started by husband and wife, James and Rebecca French, they had two main objectives: to provide their customers with delicious fresh pasta; and to do so as sustainably as possible. 

For them, the C-Bag from KM helps them to achieve both.

“The bags are resealable and allow for our product to remain fresh for longer periods, and also, our branding requirements were met by the bag being customisable,” said James French.

“In addition, the bags have helped us to be even more eco-friendly and have improved customer satisfaction. 

“We have received excellent service, all our requirements were handled with swiftness and ease, and we have gained the exact product for our needs.”

The C-Bag is ideal for fresh produce and bakery, and it is bio-based from renewable resources using versatile materials supplied in various grades. 

C-Bag without the zipper has TUV certification, which was developed to guarantee complete bio-degradability in garden compost heaps and other slower-paced processes. With the zipper, it is industrially compostable. 

According to KM, the C-Bag has excellent impact and puncture resistance, good material perforation, and can be used as a carrier or waste bag for food and non-food applications.

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