• 2024 National Food Waste Summit
    2024 National Food Waste Summit

This year’s pivotal event in the fight against food waste, the 2024 National Food Waste Summit, is an impressive line-up of international speakers and Australian experts passionate about addressing one of the most critical environmental challenges of our time.

The host of ABC Television’s War on Waste, Craig Reucassel, will set the tone for the summit with a keynote address focused on mobilising consumers to reduce food waste.

End Food Waste Australia CEO, Steven Lapidge, said Reucassel was recognised for his ability to galvanise nationwide action,

“Craig’s presence underscores our commitment to igniting awareness and driving meaningful change. His insights will inspire attendees to take action in their own communities,” Lapidge said.

International speakers will share their expertise, providing invaluable insights into global solutions for food waste reduction. They include: Dana Gunders, the executive director of ReFED in the US; Jolanda Dings, director of sustainability at Lamb Weston EMEA in the Netherlands; Kaitlin Dawson, executive director of NZ Champions 12.3 in New Zealand; Dr Lisa Johnson, an on-farm food waste measurement expert from the US; and Toine Timmermans, director at Food Waste Free United in the Netherlands.

Lapidge said the inclusion of such global leaders underscored the summit’s commitment to fostering international collaboration, sharing best practices, and showcasing innovative approaches and strategies from around the world.

The summit will also feature prominent Australian experts from across the food loss and waste sector. Attendees can expect to gain insights into various aspects of the food supply chain, from measurement and regulation to consumer behaviour and packaging innovations.

This year’s Master of Ceremonies is Costa Georgiadis, host of ABC’s Gardening Australia.

“The participation of Australian experts underscores our commitment to addressing food waste challenges at a national level and driving tangible outcomes. Costa’s passion for sustainability aligns perfectly with the Summit’s objectives. His presence will ensure that the event remains engaging and impactful throughout,” he said.

The 2024 National Food Waste Summit promises to be a must-attend event for industry leaders and organisations committed to creating a more productive, sustainable, and resilient Australian food system by ending food waste and food insecurity.

Lapidge concluded, “We invite organisations striving to achieve ESG goals and drive positive change to join us in Melbourne for two days of inspiration, collaboration, and actionable insights.”

For more information and to register for the summit, visit www.foodwastesummit.com.au

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