Chobani's love of limited edition packaging sees the popular dairy brand romancing the yoghurt aisle in Coles this Valentine's Day. 

True to form, Chobani Australia is marking another special event on the calendar with limited-edition packaging on its popular Flip range. 

The lidding foil's bright design features a left and right hand, which form a love heart when joined as a pair across the twin-pack presentation, creating strong on-shelf impact. The lidding foil is printed by Sydney-based The Van Dyke Press.

The lid features the Australian Recycling Label (ARL), showing that the foil can be scrunched into a ball and recycled. The plastic cup with in-mould label also bears the ARL.

Chobani Australia general marketing manager, Damian Young, said, "At Chobani, we put a whole lot of love into everything we do, from the yogurt to how we interact with our fans. So, we thought what better way to celebrate that love than by asking everyone to be our Valentine?"

This is Chobani’s latest limited-edition seasonal flavor following the December launch of Santa’s Milk & Cookies Flip, which featured a cookie flavoured low-fat Greek yogurt with graham cookie, butter graham crunch and milk chocolate mix-ins.

Chobani says its limited edition flavours are "always a delight for fans, usually only available for a limited time and tend to run off the shelves in as little as two weeks".

“We had our extremely talented internal design team create this unique packaging for the Valentine’s Day Flip, says Chobani GM Technical, Andrew Pekin. “We wanted to explore two foil designs and thought…what better occasion than Valentine’s Day? Which is all about celebrating the perfect pair or your other half.

"Our brief was about creating a two-foil design that would connect to create a complete Valentine’s Day image, highlighting the classic Valentine’s Day cues while also portraying the playfulness Chobani is known for. We’ve never done a design like this before and wanted to encourage shoppers to buy one for themselves and one for their friend/partner/family member, sharing the Flip experience together,” Pekin explains.  

“We landed on the concept of ‘find your perfect match’ where the array of mix and match foils promote the idea of buying one side for yourself and the other for that someone special. The twin-pack design is also ideal from a production point of view as well as an on-shelf display. 

Commenting on limited edition concept being a key component of the Chobani marketing mix, Pekin says, “Our limited edition flavours are a prime example of our innovative approach to surprising and delighting consumers. Each campaign is centered around a seasonal holiday or celebration and includes a unique flavour that is only available for a very short time.

“We always find that these limited edition flavours bring excitement to the yogurt category and drive a lot of buzz among our fans on social media. We have great relationships with our consumers who provide a continuous source of feedback and intel into our limited batches. In fact, they often start speculating on social media what our next surprise flavour or occasion will be and they consistently let us know how much they love our packaging and the unique flavour creations.” 

This edition will be available exclusively at Coles supermarkets this February with the promotional price of 2 for $3.

Who needs roses when there's a healthy snack on offer, right?

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