• The IBS1000 Bacon Slicer with a Vision System.
    The IBS1000 Bacon Slicer with a Vision System.

Thurne-Middleby, represented in Australia by Linco, has boosted the capabilities of its IBS1000 Bacon Slicer with a Vision System, which enables processors to achieve enhanced first time on-weight percentages.

The system uses a high-speed camera and processing system that is able to adjust the thickness of each slice to significantly improve first time on-weights. The increase reduces rework rates and improves overall yield, due to having less giveaway.

“Thanks to the IBS1000’s new Vision System, low and medium volume bacon processors can now benefit on-weight percentages in excess of 90 per cent,” explains Andrew Neal, sales director of Thurne.

“And that’s in addition to the advantages the gripper-fed IBS1000 slicer already delivers – market leading throughputs for a slicer of its class and minimum butt ends of less than 100g.”

A completely new control system, utilising the latest platforms from Allen Bradley, provides the processing power to support the IBS1000 Vision’s slicing accuracy, even at the highest blade speeds, and comes with enhanced on-board diagnostics and production data capture, all accessed via the new larger, easy-to-use controls.

The IBS1000 Bacon Slicer complies with ready-to-eat hygiene standards and uses a high yield, semi-automatic gripper feed, providing reliable slice thickness control and high-quality product presentation.

The slicer is loaded manually via a fast-reload mechanism with automatic butt end removal, which, when paired with high blade speeds up to 1650rpm, enables the slicer to surpass throuputs of 1.8 tonnes per hour.

The company says its pioneering role and track record in utilising vision technology to maximise weight control and yield has made Thurne slicers “the preferred choice for bacon processors”.

“High volume retail, food service and pre-cooked bacon producers are reaping the benefits of vision technology on their IBS2000 and IBS46000 slicers, as well as on Thurne’s new generation one bacon and two bacon slicers,” the company concludes.

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