Primo has launched its new Gourmet Sausage Recipes range, teaming up with Sydney-based studio Tweak to create a contemporary and premium feel for its packaging design.

The Tweak team chose Primo’s signature red for the tray, connecting the product with the brand’s heritage, while also featuring a gloss spot UV varnish on the food imagery.

Across three varieties in the range, the designs are coupled with handcrafted typography, woodgrain panel and rustic food styling.

“Recipe sausages are more commonly found in the butcher or deli shop, so this range brings quality and new flavours to supermarket category,” Tweak senior designer Shane King told PKN.

“We used a crafted positioning to signal the care and expertise behind the product and editorial style photography was created to communicate a modern, tasty food cues.

“We also combined a recipe card illustration with fresh ingredients and a photograph of the finished product to celebrate appetite appeal.”

The new Primo Gourmet Sausage Recipes range is available in three flavours – Beef with Sweet & Spicy Relish, Beef & Pork Chorizo, and Pork with Caramelised Onion.

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