• The directive for the brief was to reaffirm what is true about the Ayam products and to engages through enticing visuals and improved communication. Images: Tweak
    The directive for the brief was to reaffirm what is true about the Ayam products and to engages through enticing visuals and improved communication. Images: Tweak

Sydney-based creative studio Tweak has redesigned packaging for the Ayam Coconut Milk/Cream range, to engage consumers through enticing visuals and to maintain its market lead.

The Ayam brand is a market leader in the Australian Coconut Milk/Cream category, a staple in Asian cuisine; the range is positioned as having “exceptional quality and taste”, an essential element in creating authentic Asian flavours.

Ayam approached Tweak to redesign the packaging for its Cocunut Milk/Cream range of products, which over time had become 'tired'. Also, over time, it noted that the category has seen new entrants, from current modern brands and homebrands, to authentic brands out of an Asian supermarket.

Tweak managing director Paul Rumens told PKN that Tweak's approach was to reaffirm what is already true about the product and to engage consumers on these key points through enticing visuals and improved communication. 

"We identified key ownables as well as established navigational elements to carry over in order to maintain recognition and ensure a smooth transition," he explained.

"The key defining feature of the Ayam Coconut range, apart from its’ quality, is the fact that it is 100 per cent natural. Furthermore, it is crafted using handpicked coconuts and harvested straight from the source. This guided the design territory and tone of voice, our design needed to highlight these key features and establish the overarching brand proposition of 100 per cent natural flavour straight from the source," he said.

Rumens said that a consistent range architecture was established with the Ayam brand, bold typography for each variant and coconut visuals.

"Palm leaves flow across all variants accenting the range with green which connects back to its 100 per cent natural proposition. A milk and cream stream is depicted pouring into the coconut connecting the product to its source and crescendoing into a classic tasty splash for milk and thick dollop for cream," he added, explaining that the use of textures and lighting gradations throughout the design conveys a sense of realness and hand crafted quality; a key product attribute.

"Front of pack flows seamlessly into the back of pack guiding the eye to product information. The back of pack space provided an opportunity to expand on the natural positioning and to tell the story of the Ayam coconut range in a visually engaging setting," he said.

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