Sydney-based creative studio, Tweak, has designed vibrant packaging for new Thins Veggie Snaps, to leverage the brand's equity and create on shelf appeal.

Tweak says the use of bright brush background with Veggie Snaps typography
Tweak says the use of bright brush background with Veggie Snaps typography "hints at the product's natural texture".

Tweak design director Shane King told PKN that the directive for the brief was to create a distinctive visual language for the Veggie Snaps, to visually articulate the product's shape, texture and light/crispy base and convey its healthier space.

"Key to our approach was to drive taste and create a sense of the vibrancy of flavour to entice consumers. Roasted veggies were composed with fresh variant photography to create a clear distinction that veggies aren’t just healthy, they equal flavour," he explained, pointing out that the 'fresh roasted ingredient' photography was used to hero the chips.

"We directed the photography with a light cast to highlight the form, texture and dusting of flavour of each pack, which is depicted to float from the background, while the hero chip appears in the foreground with a slight curl to emphasis its thinness," he said, adding that a dark shadow cast lifts the hero chip from the background to create dimension and depth in the design and further emphasises its light wafer quality.

King says a vibrant colour palette was chosen for shelf shout with darker tones used for contrast and to connect back to a premium position.

"The bright brush texture device anchors the free-flowing elements and establishes an architectural branding device which links the range," he said, explaining that the use of a bright brush background with the Veggie Snaps typography on each pack hints at the product's natural texture and better-for-you positioning.

To leverage the Thins brand equity and credentials, King says the Tweak team balanced the logo type of the Veggie Snaps sub brand with the "Australian favourite" Thins brand logo, which allowed both brand and sub brand a strong presence. 

Thins Veggie Snaps range is available in Sour Cream & Chives, Lime & Chilli and Himalayan Pink Salt flavours.

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