The process of ordering custom packaging will be simplified, and made more efficient and user-friendly, thanks to Australian-owned packaging manufacturer Pakko’s introduction of its Interactive Design Platform (IDP).

The IDP, which is accessible through the Pakko website, simplifies the process of requesting a custom packaging design, quote and order.

“Developed in Australia, the IDP allows users to design, customise and order custom packaging online directly through the Pakko website with efficiency and ease,” says Nina Nguyen, founder & CEO of Pakko.

“The IDP allows you to customise the size, upload design and visually view it in a 3D model before making a commitment to ordering. The platform provides an access for all businesses to be in complete creative control of their packaging.”

Currently in beta phase, the IDP is limited to invited customers with a full range of support and feedback. During this stage, Pakko will be able to track user engagement, orders and monitor the live functionality.

“We are so proud to be the first in Australia to have developed this platform for the cardboard manufacturing industry,” says Nguyen.

“We wanted to develop a platform that focuses on the user-experience, while bringing forth innovations and technology to revolutionise the custom packaging process.

“The IDP will enhance business capabilities across the board by increasing efficiency, generating instant pricing and allowing anyone on the team to create and customise orders, regardless of their graphic or design skills.”

The beta phase will conclude on 30 June 2021, followed by its availability being made to the general public through Pakko’s website.

Recently, PKN Packaging News spoke to Nina Nguyen on what it took to build a packaging business and on her transparent leadership style. To check out that chat, please click here.

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