Kellogg’s Australia has begun rolling out its new-look packaging design across its breakfast brands in retail stores nationwide.

The refreshed packs, designed by Loop Brands and The Kirk Group and printed by Opal, who have worked with Kellogg’s on a number of projects, allow for easier on-pack navigation of nutrition and recycling information.

This is achieved through a simple and cohesive design that is “easy on the eye on both the shelf and in the pantry” with a new aesthetic side panel.

Kellogg’s have also added a striking red tab in both the top and bottom left-hand corner of each box, which wraps around the carton utilising the three-dimensional nature of the pack. 

"The decision came from wanting to ensure we make it easy for people to view the information that’s most important to them, including nutrition and sustainability information,” Lucie Wolstenholme, marketing director at Kellogg’s Australia, told PKN.

"The new wrap-around device on our packaging also helps our shoppers to easily pick out their favourite Kellogg brand either on the store shelf or in their pantry at home.

“Our approach in this space is focused primarily on a model of continuous improvements rather than snap, big changes. As a business we find this approach to be more sustainable and suitable for our long-term goals.”

The company has dedicated a third of the back of its packs to an easy-to-read nutrition panel, which includes ingredients, product benefits, and nutritional information. Also introduced are a series of icons to help drive visual communication and convey key nutrition or product benefits. 

“Dedicating such a large portion of our pack to nutrition information is one more way that we are helping consumers to be informed about the foods they choose,” said Dr Gina Levy, senior nutrition manager at Kellogg’s Australia. 

“We know sometimes Nutrition Information Panels can be confusing, so we’ve made them simpler to read with all nutritional information in one location. We have also listed some of the added nutritional benefits with the help of icons to help consumers make their choice.”

The updated packaging also now includes the Australian Recycling Label (ARL), which displays simple recycling information. 

The ARL makes recycling packaging even easier for Australians, providing information on how and where to recycle the product – either through kerbside or at the local REDcycle drop-off station.

"Becoming more sustainable is always at the forefront of our business and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve in these areas," said Wolstenholme.

"We now have more than 75 per cent of our packaging labelled as recyclable through the Australian kerbside or REDcycle system. Having the ARL on the packs is an important part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our packaging is recycled.

"We want people to know our cereal packaging is 100 percent recyclable and understand how to do it. Businesses like ours need to help raise awareness and encourage recycling."

Kellogg’s Australia plans to roll out the new packaging across its entire range of cereal products, with the new design already rolled out for Sultana Bran and Nutri-Grain brands. The rest of its cereal packs will be updated by the end of March 2022.

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