• The new packaging is designed to stand out on the shelf.
    The new packaging is designed to stand out on the shelf.

Herman Brot has relaunched its Lower Carb Higher Protein Sourdough with bright new artwork, which it says, aims to drive sales by standing out from competitors on the shelf.

Herman Brot director Christian Coenen said, “There are so many breads on shelf in the major retailers that unless your packaging pops, the product gets lost, and unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to our Sourdough.”

A few years ago, Herman Brot changed the packaging of its Lower Carb Bread to bright yellow, and Complete Protein Bread to bright green. The company says the feedback it received from customers was "tremendous", and sales increased immediately, as the products were now easier to find on the shelf.

“Our first run of Lower Carb Higher Protein Sourdough was launched in a beige bag to keep in line with some of the more ‘natural’ looking packaging that our competitors were using for similar products.  Unfortunately, once on the shelf it was hard to see, so we decided to revert back to our ‘bright colour’ strategy and go orange,” said Coenen.

Karen Smith, Herman Brot’s national marketing and communications manager, told PKN the new design was created by Ian Gay from Gold Coast’s Ignite Design Creative.

Smith also highlighted the company’s environmental commitments, telling PKN, “we work closely with Integrated Packaging to ensure that we are APCO-compliant, and that we update to more sustainable materials as they become available".

She also pointed out that from early 2024, the company plans to replace the plastic bread bag tags with “100 per cent recyclable Fibrelok tags”.

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