• The special edition can is designed to be repurposed as a lure for carp
    The special edition can is designed to be repurposed as a lure for carp

Queensland beer brand XXXX has launched a new series of special edition cans with a cut-out lure, designed to help fishing enthusiasts combat the invasive carp population, and preserve the delicate balance of the Sunshine State's waterways.

Brand owner Lion says the special edition XXXX Lure Lager can, developed in partnership with Thinkerbell, features a do-it-yourself cut-out lure, designed to attract carp and facilitate easier catches for anglers. The project aims to educate the public about the impact of invasive carp, particularly in Southwest Queensland, and stresses the importance of preserving the health and diversity of our native aquatic ecosystems.

The brand says the can design is attractive to crap, as invasive species in Queensland
The brand says the can design is attractive to carp, as invasive species in Queensland

Chris Allan, head of marketing - Core Beer, Lion said: “For 145 years, XXXX has been a proud champion of the Sunshine State and dedicated to protecting the good life in Queensland. We have not only provided anglers with an invitation to catch carp but have presented a solution to the very individuals who possess the power to tackle this issue head-on.”

The company says the DIY lure incorporated in the XXXX Lure Lager can sports a gold and red colour combination, known for its proven effectiveness in attracting the noxious fish. By simply scanning the can using their mobile devices, anglers gain access to step-by-step instructions on how to safely cut out and utilise the lure effectively. Additionally, they also gain access to an online map that highlights nearby locations suitable for catching carp.

Keir Vaughn, head of craft at Thinkerbell said: “Leveraging creativity and innovation, combined with some measured magic, this project aims to encourage individuals to make a tangible difference and contribute to the preservation of the waterways, especially in Queensland's Southwest region, via an accessible and cost-effective solution.”

XXXX Lure Lager is currently available in select Queensland bottle shops located near carp-infested river systems.

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