CHEP’s new 1/6 Pallet, launched less than a year ago and born from an industry need to make pre-built promotions faster, safer, more efficient and sustainable, has already won multiple industry awards for its innovative design and its sustainability credentials.

According to CHEP, the new 1/6 Pallet is "the retail-ready platform that is ideal for one-touch promotional display to get products onto shop floors".

At the recent Shop! ANZ Retail Marketing Awards, the 1/6 Pallet won Gold in Environment Stewardship and Silver in the Retail Industrial Design – Temporary Display.

The platform was also recognised at the 2021 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards (PIDA) with a Silver Award for Sustainable Packaging Design of the Year – Industrial.

“Retailers and consumers in recent years have found more sustainable solutions of getting products from stores to homes,” says Andreas Bauspiess, director of retail and FMCG at CHEP.

“With CHEP’s In Store Solutions we’re focused on the sustainability benefits in the supply chain to stores.

“Consumers, retailers and manufacturers are all on the same journey, to make products and their supply chains more sustainable. The use of a fractional pallet throughout the supply chain – from manufacturer direct to the retail floor – is yet another lever to build a better supply chain.”

The 1/6 Pallet is sustainable by design and can be shared and reused, supporting an optimal circular business model, and helping to achieve the UN Sustainability Development Goals and 2025 targets.

“The innovative 1/6 Pallet is sustainable at its core and supports CHEP’s Zero Waste World programme,” explains Bauspiess.

“It has been developed as a retail-ready platform, ideal for one-touch replenishment or pre-pack promotional displays. It has undergone vigorous market research and supply chain testing.

“Promotional stock can be shipped as an already complete display unit, direct from warehouse to store, thus reducing manual handling and the high wastes associated with replenishment in store, and the building and ongoing stocking of promotional towers.”

Compatible with existing pallet infrastructure, the functional-sized Pallet is 1/6 the size of an Australian timber pallet (1165mm x 1165mm) and includes features to suitably store, stack and transport product safely, alongside other supply chain equipment.

The 1/6 Pallet facilitates a pre-built display full of stock and suits materials handling equipment, truck space and automated warehouses upstream as it behaves in the same as a timber pallet.

This allows stock to be shipped as a complete unit directly from warehouse to store, therefore reducing manual handling and the high waste traditionally associated with the building and maintaining of cardboard displays in retailer’s stores.

“This is an exciting new industry development that will transform the promotional supply chains of Australia, for a more sustainable future,” Bauspiess concludes.

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