Automation & Robotics

SMC has collaborated with one of the largest employers in South Australia’s manufacturing sector, Redarc Electronics, to automate one of its assembly processes.

ABB is launching the IRB 1300 robot to meet demand for a faster and more compact robot able to rapidly lift heavy objects or loads with complex and irregular shapes.

Cobots, and automation in general, can help industries get back to work during the Covid-19 pandemic period, according to Universal Robots APAC regional sales director James McKew.

New technology can increase accuracy and efficiency in a production line and help decrease instances of product recalls and withdrawals, which are on the rise in Australia and New Zealand.

Capital Brewing Co’s new end-of-line automation upgrade – installed by Fibre King – doubled product output to meet demand ahead of the busy summer season.

Automation is changing at a rapid pace. New robotic capabilities continue to blur the lines between collaborative and industrial robots. What are the differences between these two robot varieties?

Australis Engineering has been appointed Australian mobile robot partner for Passion Mobility, Taiwan. Passion Mobility develops AMRs and AGVs to meet the needs of automation and materials handling.

Unilever recently turned to Universal Robots to relieve its employees from strenuous palletising tasks at its production plant in Katowice, Poland, something that can be done in ANZ.

An Australian personal hygiene company has installed a Scott Compact Robot Palletiser system. The new palletising system provides benefits in reliability, repeatability, efficiency, and reduced product damage, along with a small footprint.

With demand for its product skyrocketing and backorders to fill, Fiji Water was faced with a dilemma. The world was going into lockdown and it had minimal staff on site. It needed automation, and fast.

Measurement and automation provider Diverseco is partnering with Konica Minolta as co-distributor and exclusive systems integrator for MiR autonomous mobile robots.

Cobots are emerging as a force for good in the ongoing battle against Covid-19. they can disinfect and sanitise, conduct Covid-19 tests, help manufacture PPE and much more.

Just as customers have had to adapt to the changing markets in this time of global pandemic, so have their suppliers. Universal Robots is keeping its finger on the pulse.

Schubert, in partnership with a functional drinks manufacturer, has developed a flexible and compact packaging line with high degrees of automation to accommodate unique requirements.

Sidel has recently launched an extension to its CoboAccess_Pal cobotic palletising range featuring the highest case payload on the market in its category.

Today more than ever, industrial automation plays an important role in keeping manufacturing sustainable in Australia. In order to stay competitive, industries are always looking to improve effectiveness in their operations.