Session: The role of packaging in minimising food waste

Whilst the primary functions of packaging are to contain and protect the content, as well as providing information about the product, the role of packaging in reducing food waste needs to be better understood by food producers, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers and consumers. The connection between packaging design and food waste needs to be discussed more openly in the industry. From field to fork there are several possibilities for food loss and waste to occur. It has been approximated that up to 30% of the edible food produced, does not reach the fork. Packaging’s role in reducing food waste is the next big challenge for Packaging Technologists, Designers and Engineers.

This session, hosted by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), will have speakers from FIAL, the Fight Food Waste CRC, AIP and Sealed Air and will discuss in an interactive session Food Waste in Australia, the National Food Waste Strategy, the Fight Food Waste CRC, the Save Food Packaging criteria and guidelines and showcase best practice save food packaging design.

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The second ChemLinked Food Regulatory Conference – Oceania 2019 (CLFRC 2019) is characterised by insightful commentary and discussion on China and Southeast Asia’s latest regulatory developments in addition to the opportunity to interact with regulatory authorities and network with like-minded professionals.