AIP Use of Lifecycle Assessment Tools for Sustainable Packaging Design training course

The AIP Use of Lifecycle Assessment Tools for Sustainable Packaging Design training course is aimed at providing an introduction and learning framework for packaging industry professionals to apply lifecycle thinking to their working contexts. This includes an understanding of the reasons why lifecycle thinking is critical, as well as how the method may be used for packaging design projects they manage.

The course will be structured to cover the following:
• Understanding the current shifts and challenges in Sustainability
• What is Lifecycle Assessment?
• Why is Lifecycle Assessment an important tool in Sustainable Packaging Design?
• How do you quantify eco-efficiency?
• Lifecycle Thinking within Sustainable Packaging design
• Introduction to life cycle assessment (LCA) and Its benefits
• Case Study Examples and Interactive hands-on LCA tool usage
• Seizing the strategic opportunity in Sustainability
• Better understanding of how to use LCA tools for competitive advantage and to establish strong relationships across your Supply Chain partners

The objectives of the course are to provide participants an understanding of:
• The role LCA plays in both Sustainable Packaging Design and development.
• Why Sustainable Packaging really matters.
• Four step procedure of lifecycle assessment.
• Tools and knowledge to apply LCA in practical contexts.

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