• Personalised labels: QLM Label Makers
    Personalised labels: QLM Label Makers

QLM Label Makers is using the innovative Mosaic software from HP to print one-of-a-kind labels on its HP Indigo, for its client Pukara Estate, the gourmet food manufacturer.

Created for the Connoisseur Club members at Pukara, the customised art series was designed to give members a personalised experience.

QLM was able to combine the technology of its HP Indigo label presses with Mosaic software, which HP Indigo uses to create customised tiling effects in designs, like those seen in Coke and Nutella product sleeves.

Lindsay Nutley, marketing manager for the QLM Group, worked with Pukara Estate throughout the project, from concept to design, sampling and production. "This project was designed to be something special for Pukara, but most importantly it needed to be done in a style that reflected its brand," he said.

"The complexity was finding a range of images and then working out the right way of using them to achieve the desired result. It is not as simple as putting an image on a product. As well as being exclusive, it had to be something stylish, that people would want to have on display in their kitchen."

The design and production process involved confirming seed files, from which designs were finalised. Nutley says the software to press process is seamless, and the HP Indigo platform, supported by Currie Group in Australia, provides the QLM Group with additional print capacity, and the advantages of personalisation and customisation that is the hallmark of digital print technology.

Despite some initial reservations, Steve Goodchild, co-partner at Pukara, is now seeing the benefits. He says, "The response has been overwhelmingly pleasing – from our production staff to our tasting rooms and social media platforms. The labels are certainly catching people's attention and converting into additional sales. We are definitely observing strong growth in our club membership."

The designs are available to view via the website here.

For QLM Label Makers, this project provided the first market application of Mosaic technology in the self-adhesive label space and is part of a number of ongoing projects aimed at using the power of personalisation and customisation to generate increased sales.

Mark Daws, director labels and packaging at Currie Group, says, "What a fantastic project, and a credit to the team at QLM. It is amazing to see our customers leverage the creative benefits of HP Indigo technology in their own ways."

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