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Specialising in the design and manufacture of specialist materials handling equipment for the food and beverage industry

Design and manufacture of volumetric liquid and cream filling equipment, capping machines and materials handling equipment

Food processing, packaging and waste management equipment, technical solutions and supplier

Custom manufactured vibratory equipment. Metering and storage hopper feeders, fines removal, screening and alignment feeders and conveyors for product and ingredients processing and packaging. Enmin also sell electromagnetic controllers and a

Suppliers of industrial vibrators and vibratory equipment

Conveyor chain and sprocket manufacturer

Conveyor manufacturer and castor and wheel distributor

Design and manufacture of automated storage and retrieval systems

Flexco designs and manufactures products that enhance belt conveyor productivity including mechanical belt fastening systems, belt cleaners and ploughs, pulley lagging, belt cleats, impact beds, transfer point systems, belt conveyor rollers and belt