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As the Australian-owned bag closure alternative in the market, Inno provides an extensive range of clips and closures to the bakery and produce industry, as well as accompanying bag closure machinery

Food processing and packaging equipment, technical solutions and supplier

Conveyor manufacturer and castor and wheel distributor

Supplier of packaging machinery and films, specialising in Shrink Wrapping, Flow Wrapping and Pallet Wrapping. Offices in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane

Supplier of innovative packaging machinery – packaging solutions from design, integration, installation and service

Manufacturer and systems integrator of weighing, packaging, product inspection and palletising equipment

Plastic bag making machinery and attachments

Flex Pack specialises in the design and manufacture of a wide range of liquid filling machinery for filling bags, bottles, pails, 200L drums and IBC's; sizes range from 1-1000 litres. We also make hot melt carton sealing machinery for sealing standa

Cereal milling and packing engineers