• Eco pioneer: Aleks Lajovic from Impact International with Mitch Mulligan.
    Eco pioneer: Aleks Lajovic from Impact International with Mitch Mulligan.

Impact International won Gold in the Environmental Sustainability Award at the NSW PICAs, the latest in its series of awards for its pioneering eco-work.

Impact has won multiple awards for its commitment to the environment, which includes a solar roof power system and a carbon offset forest.

To hear more about these initiatives from Aleks Lajovic, listen to PKN Podcast episode 10.

Aleks Lajovic, managing director of Impact said: “The team at Impact International were delighted to receive the gold medal in the sustainability category at the National Print Awards.

“We are the only printing company in Australia who offsets the carbon footprint of the packaging that we manufacture, and print using our own forestry infrastructure, plus our forest is right here in Australia. Thank you to the Print and Visual Communication Association (PVCA) and the judges for recognising our efforts.”

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