Australia’s leading craft beer bottle shop, Beer Cartel, has teamed up with Visy to produce the packaging for its 2018 beer advent calendar.

A beer a day in the countdown to Christmas is on offer from Beer Cartel, only this year the advent case has a twist – the company has partnered with seven breweries to create limited-edition brews only available in the Beer Cartel Advent Calendar, and the box has been designed to fit 25 bottles.

Each of the 25 beers featured in the calendar have been sourced from 100% Australian Independent breweries. Twenty-three different beer styles are included, from pale ales to IPAs and everything in between.

In its bottle shop on Sydney, Beer Cartel stocks over 1000 craft beers from Australia and overseas.

Beer mavericks and founders of Beer Cartel, Richard Kelsey and Geoff Huens said they 'tried and tested' countless beer combinations and Advent Calendar designs to create the ultimate package and one-of-a-kind gift.

“Back in 2015 we started to notice the growth of Beer Advent Calendars overseas,” Kelsey says.

“We then took this concept and have tweaked it over the last four years to create this amazing pre-Christmas gift. Each year we select a completely new range of beers ensuring there are no repeats.

“This year’s case is all about variety, flavour and supporting Australian craft brewers. We're not going to spoil the surprise by revealing which beers are hiding inside, but you can expect to find amazing hand-picked craft beers from world class Australian breweries.”

Beer Cartel says its Advent Calendar has been custom-designed to present the selection of beers in the "most stylish and practical way possible". Where a regular carton packs only 24 beers, the Beer Cartel Advent Calendar has been strategically manufactured to allow for one extra special beer for Christmas day.

The physical design of the box was a collaborative effort between Beer Cartel and Visy, who produces, prints and supplies the advent boxes for Beer Cartel.

For the graphic design Beer Cartel worked with a freelance graphic designer sourced through 99 Designs.

Limited edition beer labels have been created for the seven one-off exclusive beers brewed just for this year's Advent Calendar. All other beers carry the existing labels the breweries use.

Limited release labels were supplied by the preferred supplier of each of the seven breweries. The design was again collaborative effort between Beer Cartel and each of the seven breweries that brewed a one-off beer, with design driven by the style of beer and story being told by each beer, according to Beer Cartel.

The festive box is also designed with a built in ‘To/From” gift tag, so there's no need for gift wrap. It also comes with a Christmas countdown cover to keep the beers hidden from prying eyes, to limit the desire to have a few beers in advance, and to allow easy removal of the beers from each individual spot in the pack.

Beer Cartel Advent Calendars are available online now at, or at Beer Cartel’s Sydney store 9/87 Reserve Rd, Artarmon from the start of November. Pricing starts from $119.99.

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